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Indoor electronic sow feeding system

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 <h5><b>Individually Feeding Indoor Sows</b><br />
Accurately & Stress Free</h5>
Individually Feeding Indoor Sows
Accurately & Stress Free

MoniPigTM PC System

This Windows-based software package gives complete individual control over the feeding of all animals on the system

The system offers the following parameters

  • Management capacity of up to 10000 sows and control of up to 64 feeding stations
  • Feeding curve to match each individual sow linked to gestation calendar
  • Automatic sow selection program
  • Distribution of up to 3 different feed types
  • "Boar Visit" function with detailed screening and printouts available
  • Detailed feeding and visit information to include daily underfed list
  • Alphanumeric farm code
  • Printout and list options available with different parameters
  • Opportunity to use the computer with different management and administration packages
  • Automatic data storage even with interruption of power supply
  • Storage of historical feeding data
  • Remote access and control for senior staff


The system is very easily calibrated without the need for any mechanical adjustments. The amount of feed is weighed and this figure is entered into the computer which automatically corrects the next time feed is dispensed.

System Benefits

  • Welfare compliant
  • Accurate Individual Feeding
  • Lower feed costs
  • More live pigs born
  • Lower replacement costs
  • Loss of aggression
  • Flexible layout
  • Low long term maintenance costs

The Feeding Station

  • Robustly constructed in heavy gauge steel, folded where appropriate for added strength
  • Combination of galvanised and stainless steel for longer life
  • Simple sow-operated mechanism giving the animal full control of feeding time in a secure environment
  • System is able to feed pellets or meal and water accurately
  • Capable of feeding up to 50-55 sows per station

The Ear Tag

  • Uses lightweight Tiris technology
  • Does not contain a battery
  • Totally waterproof
  • Easily recovered and re-usable

Spray Marker

  • Automatic marking of animals using set programmable parameters
  • Multiple colour options available

Boar Visit Unit

  • Assists in management identification of sows showing signs of heat
  • May be linked to automatic spray marking for ease of detecting sows


  • Easily divert sows to a separate pen for routine tasks
  • Use set programmable parameters to assist management

Management Package

We realise the importance of management in making the system work after delivery.

A written management package is backed up by on-site advisory visits which will help you get the best out of your electronic sow feeders. The practical on-farm training given by our team after installation gives you the confidence you need right from the start.

Using the latest internet access and software packages we are able to assist and give guidance anywhere in the world.

Planning and Design Service

The success of each system starts with the design and layout of the building. Each farm has an individual requirement which will be met by our experienced design team.

Our experience of working with farms from 100 sows to 10000 sows allows us to share our broad knowledge with you to develop the perfect system for your farm. Whether it be a static or dynamic group system you can be certain we have the answer to your needs.

Introducing our New Gilt Training Feeder

  • A fully functional 3/4 sized feeder for training maiden gilts
  • Have your gilts trained early for an easy integration into the main feeding herd
  • Feeding can be fully electronic or ad-lib
  • Lockable rear gates and centre gate for easy training
  • Rollers on centre and exit gates for ease of use
  • Can be made left or right handed to suit requirements
  • Main body is a solid one piece construction – ROBUST