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About Us

Company history

MPSAGRI is a family owned company, based in the UK and has focussed on designing, producing and installing Electronic Sow Feeding (ESF) systems for over 25 years as well as operating its own commercial pig enterprises.

The UK has been at the forefront of group housing of sows for many years and MPSAGRI is proud to have been the market leader for the last 25 years. The experience gained in the UK as a result of the stall ban in 1999 gives the company a wealth of knowledge to help new customers design, manage and adapt to new production methods with the use of the simple and reliable Chieftain and Apollo feeding systems.

The company remains a specialist supplier of ESF systems and using the knowledge and experience gained in the UK has spent the last 10 years creating what is now an international business. In 2004 the first feeding stations were exported to Australia and subsequently business relationships and dealerships have been created in New Zealand, Italy, Ireland, China, Korea and Brazil. In 2014 the company created a new division in North America and created MPSAGRI Inc to meet the demand of producers looking for a simple and reliable group housing option.

Today the company goes from strength to strength and with the use of its own, company owned, 600 sow demonstration and trial unit new ideas and technologies are tried and tested before being introduced to the market for the benefit of producers.